Why Does One Need A Travel Consultant / Agent In This Age Of Information And Technology

The current market trends show us that era on online bookings have come and this had made many customers opt to make their own travel arrangements. And while that option seems enticing, a travel agent will provide a better service that is faster and more affordable. When one plans a trip with a travel agent he / she will save time, money and avoid frustration!

We explain below, the reasons why choosing a travel consultant / agent is the best choice for planning any trip.


Travel Agents have mastered all the steps of the travel booking procedure – from the initial planning of when and where to go, which airline to deal with, to which tour operator best suits the client according to his/ her lifestyle. Travellers thus must choose the correct travel advisor that will make his / her experience remarkable.

The Travel Consultant / Agent Does the Work.

Life is hectic enough as it is! Who has time to search everywhere for the best deals, reviews, make bookings for flights, hotels, tours, train reservations and travel insurance? The Travel consultant can take a load of stress off the customer's life so a Travel Consultant does all the work for the customer and keeps him / her in the loop during the entire process and ensures that the options sent, way meets all their needs

Works as per budget given

Travel Consultants work within the limitations of the client's budget and will help them save money in any way possible. They can advise you about the best time to travel– because sometimes simply switching one's travel dates can save one a lot of money.

Travel Consultants Know the Best Places to Visit

Travel Consultants can help customers by providing candid information about the best places to visit and what to do at their desired destination, without having to examine thousands of unreliable reviews online.

Knowhow of Restrictions & Fees

Many restrictions and fees are not apparent to the customer when they book a ticket. The online travel sites show only what the customers want to see, but not what is really there. The travel consultant will explain all the restrictions in any booking, without the customer having to face troubles and difficulties.

Travel Restrictions

The online travel sites will never inform about the travel restrictions that one may face during the trip. Many bookings are offered with many stops at several countries without any alert if one enters these countries without any visa prearrangements for the transit area. On the other hand, when one consults a travel advisor one will have all the necessary information needed to avoid any difficulties and unexpected complications during one's planned trip.

The Travel Agent / Consultant are always there at the customer's service when it comes to Flight Delays / Cancellations

When a customer books online he / she will certainly not have any support in case of flight cancelations /delays date changes / meal & seat preferences. However, when they book through a travel agent, the agent / consultant will help and offer the necessary information to the client.

Traveling with a Group

Traveling in a group involves coordinating multiple services and information. That is why it is always is better to make the arrangements with a travel agent. In general, all the group bookings are subject to several changes and inquiries, like the number of participants, special requests, last minute cancelations, etc. These requests are easy to handle for a travel agent / consultant who can make all the necessary modification and plans in a professional manner at minimum cost.

Travel Advice

Sometimes the traveller doesn’t know exactly where to go, or the best season for a specific destination. When customer's read online reviews for a certain hotel or city they will find themselves losing time and effort. An experienced travel advisor can help the customer find what they are looking for and make the right decision.

Traveling for the First Time or Globally

If the customer is traveling for the first time, certainly he / she will need some information and advice about the country that they are visiting in addition to traveling procedures and requirements. At the same time when they travel globally or to a place they’ve never been to before, it is wiser to consult a travel consultant and have all the required information for a safe trip.

Best Prices

The best prices aren’t always online. Prices on international carriers can vary widely, the travel consultant can keep checking frequently for the best price and routing the customer's trip and letting him / her know when the best time to buy the tickets is.

Finding Rooms that are Unavailable Online.

Customers may find many hotels fully booked online, but in reality it is not always the case. Many properties hold some rooms in reserve while others maybe in hands of some tour operators. When one books with a travel agent they will help their clients with these difficulties and try to book their desired hotel