About Us ...

The DE Institute of Travel Consultant is a result of the frustration of the travel industry owners who keep on hiring and keep on firing employees just because they do not meet up to the expectation levels for which they were hired.

There is a wide gap in what many institutions teach in their curriculum and the practical way in which the travel industry works.

Thus formed "The DE Institute of Travel Consultant" which is the brainchild of Mr. Asif Alim who has more than 18 years of experience in outbound travel. In his last assignment he was the General Manager Outbound Sales, of a reputed travel company of eastern India. He is also now, successfully running his own travel agency "Destination Experiences". Mr. Asif is B Com Honours Graduate and has done IATA foundation as well as IATA - Airline Marketing course.

He has many tourism specialist certificates and has even worked in MNC Group Tour Companies.

The DE Institute of Travel Consultant aims to provide career oriented practical courses designed to imbibe skills to candidates that would help them establish their career in travel and tourism Industry fully prepared of all practical aspects of it.

Our Vision ...

Our Vision is to provide that missing aspect in education which differentiates our candidates from others. We prepare students to cope up with the travel and tourism industry from the day they join the company without wasting weeks and sometimes months in understanding the methodology and the working system of the company.

We want in future, to be amongst the top choices of students & professionals and Travel agency owners to think of us when it comes to a high quality practical based learning hub.

We want to prepare the students in such a way that they don't have to look back and aim towards growth in their job portfolios, as they would have learned the art of self-progressiveness. They would know how to resolve issues, sell newer destinations, solve problems, and being dynamic, innovative, in sync with the industry and staying ahead of their colleagues.

Asif Alim


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