Description / Who Should Do it?

The online trainings through zoom are meant for entrepreneurs of the travel industry who wish to increase their knowledge in the outbound business or for training freshers / new recruits, to skill them up. DEITC not only trains people to help them understand a destination better to sell it better, but we even train on topics like customer and enquiry handling, email correspondence, costing , cost sheet and much more. The access to recordings of the trainings would be provided for 1 year after the training for one to repeat the classes any time during the year on demand. Not only that, DEITC has a collection of topic specific pre-recorded training videos and depending on the relevant topic, free access would be provided to people/ students with access to the videos on demand any time for 1 year from the training date.

Qualification / Eligibility Requirement

Anyone who is running one’s own travel agency or any travel professional already working in the travel industry or about to join the travel industry after completing a tourism management course.

Topic Specific Training Program - Through Zoom and Video Content

For entrepreneurs and travel industry employees

The online training would be in much more detail as compared to our refresher modules. Here the candidates would be interacting with the instructor as well as getting PDF, PPT excel or word files in support of the training as and when required.

1-5 1 700 140
6-10 1 1200 120
11-15 1 1400 94
1-5 10 4000 80
6-10 10 7500 75
11-15 10 10000 67
1-20 20 15000 38
1-20 30 20000 34


Terms and conditions

1. The Names of participants must be mentioned at the time of registration and participants cannot change in between the course modules.

2. For all topics the duration is 1 hour per session and depending on the relevance, the sessions can be 1 per topic to upto 5 sessions per topic (like destination Switzerland Training).

3. Destination experiences will provide time slots that are available, and from amongst the time slots, the travel agency / individual will have to select the one that suites best and reply back with the time slots selected for training.

4. Topics can be selected amongst the list from our Refresher Video Modules

5. Destination Experiences will not be making recordings of the training sessions but will allow the agency / individual to make the recordings, but the same cannot be used for commercial purpose.

6. Participants must maintain time punctuality and must come online 5 minutes before the start time of the meeting.

7. 100% upfront payment is required before the training date.